Cancellation Policy

  • No fees charged for bookings cancelled within 24 hours of booking
  • No fees charged for bookings cancelled 48 hours before arrival
  • Full reservation fee charged for bookings cancelled same day of arrival 
  • Full reservation fee charge for no show

Pet Policy

  • We are a pet friendly Guesthouse and Campervan Site
  • Pets are allowed to stay in the rooms with you as long as they have their own bedding etc.
  • Pets must be toilet trained or have their litter tray
  • Pets must be kept on a lead/in their basket at all times while on our property
  • We have a special Pet Waste bin on site 
  • Please ask for designated toileting area
  • Pet sitting available (subject to charge and availability)
  • Indoor Kennels available
  • Pets are not allowed in the main dining room - if you wish to have breakfast with your pet please ask to be seated in our pet friendly dining area, we also do takeaway breakfasts
  • Please be mindful of other guests and their pets throughout your visit

Smoking Policy

  • Coral Gables is a no smoking Guest house both inside our rooms and on our balcony's
  • If you wish to smoke you can do so in the designated smoking area outside and use the ashtray provided